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"I have been using Skeffington's online ordering in our store for quite some time. It’s proven to be an exceptionally handy tool. It's very quick and easy to use both to enter orders and to follow up on existing ones. It was very easy to catch on to the mechanics of it.

It follows a very logical order and is very intuitive. We also use a competitor’s online ordering program, but the one from Skeffington's is much quicker and easier to learn to use. Anyone who can operate a computer can use this with minimal training.

It’s a great tool at busy times and weekends so you can continue to enter orders or follow up on orders when the office is closed. The only downside is that you don’t get to talk to the nice ladies in the office as often.”

Jerry Mayo
Mayo's, Clay Center, KS
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"My turn as a customer"
"I spent many years in men's wear and the past several years at The Bridal Collection in Grand Island, Ne. working with bridal alterations. The time finally came for myself to be in the position that all the people I work with are ~ thus buying of dresses and rental of tuxes. My son and his fiance chose a Skeffington's suit for the day and I just want to include a note about how this was a great choice. The wedding was in Texas, my son and fiance live in Colorado, and we are in Nebraska. It ended up the best choice for them was our bridal store in Nebraska which meant that all eleven tuxes where traveling the 14 hours in a car. When we arrived and distributed the tuxes everyone was impressed with how everything they needed was in a nice bag. But more important, was how they looked - clean, sharp and pressed. Since I work in a bridal store I know first hand all the complications that can occur when the bridal party shows up to pick up their tuxes from making the customer wearing the tux happy, making the bride's parents happy, to most importantly making the bride and groom happy.

The bride's father came out and said, "This is absolutely the best tux I have ever worn!" Everyone looked so sharp and the fit was near perfect. Three of the tuxes, the groom, groom's father, and brother as best man, looked amazing. I am not saying this just because they were my sons and husband, but because of how truly amazing they looked and when my son stood next to his bride he looked so handsome and I was thankful that everything pulled together so well. A big thanks to Skeffington's and there quality and delivery for such a special occasion. ”

Pat Hotz
Seamstress at Bridal Collection
Grand Island, NE